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NSD and its subsidiaries in the U.S.A and China integrally support customers to expand their global business.

Diagram Uncovering technologies, products and services Developing global human resources Sales of solutions and own products in the US

 In 1993, NSD set up a representative office in Silicon Valley (California, U.S.A) to research the latest advanced technology trends and uncovering software products worthy of introduction. In March 2001, NSD established a U.S. Corporation which conducted research, investigation and verification of technologies and solutions, and delivered advanced U.S. software products to Japan.

 In May 2012, NSD moved its activity base to NY and founded NSD INTERNATIONAL, INC. to expand its business through cooperation with local Japanese-affiliated companies and U.S. companies.
 In Asia, in October 2012, NSD founded Renbenxindong Technology Ltd. in Beijing to provide IT services to both Japanese-affiliated companies and local Chinese companies. In February 2014, NSD founded Chengdu Renbenxindong Technology Ltd. in Chengdu to meet the needs of Japanese companies for offshore development.

 Currently, NSD group provides System Integration (SI) business for local Japanese-affiliated companies in the U.S.A. In China, NSD group provides offshore system development and also provides health care management service for Chinese utilizing tablet computers.
 In the future, NSD is also working on plans to develop other markets in Asia.

 Recently, globalization has accelerated to the point where companies are required to address not only the economic activities of various countries and regions, but also manage a wide-ranging of activities in social, cultural, technological and legal areas. The needs of customers have become increasingly diversified and requirements of quality higher.

 In views of these developments, NSD strives to further integrate head office and our subsidiaries in the U.S.A and China. NSD is aggressively taking steps to meet the globalization needs of our customers, by utilizing our advantage in areas such as fine-tuned services, business know-how and system construction ability that we have cultivated throughout our history through providing IT solutions to leading global enterprises of Japan.

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