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NSD provides systems solution services that help generate results. In assisting the efficient and effective operation of customer systems, our comprehensive lineup encompasses the construction of IT infrastructure platforms as well as around-the-clock operating maintenance support.

With "operation" positioned as its key word, NSD offers around-the-clock systems solution services. In addition to developing IT systems, we help to ensure effective system operations that generate business results. Through these means, NSD is dedicated to delivering genuine customer satisfaction.

Guided by "Operation" as Our Underlying Key Word, We Deliver Systems Solution Services

Amid a growing awareness of the integral role that IT plays in everyday business, we are entering a period in which the need for higher returns and performance is becoming the most essential component in systems investment. Recognizing that effective systems operation in concert with the generation of business results are indispensable to enhancing customer satisfaction, NSD has positioned "operation" as the key work and driving force behind its efforts to deliver systems solution services. In specific terms, we offer a comprehensive operating service menu from consulting in the construction of IT infrastructure platforms, through the design and development of IT environments compatible with a wide range of hardware including mainframe, UNIX and Windows servers as well as operating systems, to a 24-hours a day, 365-days a year systems support help desk. Drawing on the strength of our integrated services, we also engage in contract data and call center operations in response to customers' outsourcing needs.

Highly Skilled and Knowledgeable Staff Responsible for Operating Services

A high and broad level of IT knowledge and operating experience are essential to providing total customer support from the development of optimal systems to their operation and maintenance. In this context, NSD places the utmost emphasis on the development of human resources on a daily basis. At the same time, we assign highly qualified and knowledgeable specialists well-versed in the use of OS, middleware and diverse applications in the delivery and promotion of our services. Accordingly, NSD maintains a structure with a full command of systems developed by other companies.

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NSD provides a one-stop service menu in tune with customers’ systems lifecycles from planning through operation to maintenance.

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