Social Innovation with IT

Basic Approach

As an information technology company, NSD believes that its mission is to use the power of IT to solve not only its own sustainability issues, but also those of its customers and of society. Utilizing its extensive expertise built up over many years, NSD will overcome the various challenges in society by creating and providing IT solutions.

Initiatives for Innovation to Social Issues

The rise of new technologies in recent years, such as AI and IoT, has led to the use of big data and business digitalization. Information technology, therefore, not only helps to improve operational efficiency but also plays a role in creating new businesses.
Against this backdrop, NSD makes full use of new technologies in developing systems for customers, helping to solve through digital transformation (DX), the many different problems customers face.
Through the development and provision of solutions and products, NSD is working to solve many of the issues common to its customers with the following key DXs.

DX of work sites such as factories and warehouses

■ Tracking Navi
In order to improve operational efficiency at work sites, such as in factories and warehouses, it is necessary to have a number of different constructs in place beyond merely trusting to our intuition or experience. These can include accurate and unbiased data for analyzing the movement of workers, data visualization to better understand the information, and digital means to share work site conditions.
By visualizing the data of workers’ locational information through the use of autonomous navigation technology, Tracking Navi provides an analysis tool that helps to create layouts to ensure safety, reduces congestion and shortens walking distances at work sites. With Tracking Navi it is possible to dramatically improve work efficiency and worker safety.

DX of health management

Amid the demand for health and productivity management, it is essential for companies to actively encourage, and for employees to willingly take part, so that health management measures can be publicized and take root. Moreover, as working from home becomes more widespread, there is a need for a new way of health management not constrained by work location or working hours.
CAReNA provides the solution where information on health measures can be shared, vital data such as weight, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and step count can be registered, and health check surveys can be carried out all with a single app on a smartphone. CAReNA can also be used as a platform for companies and employees to communicate with each other.

DX of school education

School education is also beginning to move toward digitalization, as seen in programming education becoming a compulsory subject in an effort to develop future talent in IT. The use of IT in education has various advantages, for example, education can be provided regardless of location, and learning processes and outcomes can be recorded and shared.
MANA BOX is a learning portfolio that enables information sharing among teachers, students, and parents by centrally managing learning objectives, learning processes, assignments, and learning outcomes for each subject, as well as self-assessments, evaluations from teachers, and evaluations from other students.
Schools that were among the first to start to introduce digitalization in educational settings were able to continue to provide education without closing even during the pandemic.