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Corporate Profile

Name of Company



April 8, 1969


JPY 7,205 million

Major Services

System Analysis and Design
Customized Development of Software Programs
Administration of Facilities Management
Sales of Packaged Software and Solutions

Stock Listing

Tokyo Stock Exchange, 1st Section

Number of Employees

Consolidated: 3,428
(As of March 31, 2019)

Net Sales

Consolidated: JPY 61,944 million
(FY March, 2019)

Head Office

2-101, Kanda-awajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
101-0063, Japan
TEL: +81-3-3257-1130
FAX: +81-3-3257-1131 MAPnew

Directors, Auditors and Executive Officers

President & CEO Yoshikazu Imajo
Senior Managing Executive Officer
Hideshi Maekawa
Osamu Yamoto
Director, Executive Officer Masahiko Suzuki
Director(Outside) Kumiko Jinnouchi
Kimiou Yamashita
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Kiyoshi Kondo
Audit & Supervisory Board Member(Outside) Shingo Oda
Norio Hashizume
Managing Executive Officer Tatsuo Kawauchi
Satoshi Kiyota
Masataka Komatsu
Akio Shinno
Executive Officer Kyoko Gondo
Kiyoshi Sasaki
Hajime Shinagawa
Toshiya Shimura
Masaru Sugiura
Shinji Suzuki
Umon Takahashi
Kiyokimi Yagi
*Directors, Auditors and Executive Officers are listed by position and in Japanese alphabetical order within each grouping.

Recent Trends

Apr. 2019

Established NSD Advanced Technology Research Institute CO., LTD.
Established a research institute as to speed up collaboration with customers on advanced technology fields. The institute, in advanced technology fields, (a) conducts research, (b) provides Proof of Concept services, (c) plans services and products, and (d) verifies concept models.

Sep. 2018

Signed strategic alliance with Palsbots Inc.
Signed strategic alliance with Palsbots Inc. concerning joint development of new services/systems using "IFRO", an interactive communication engine installed with an AI system, which Palsbots Inc. is developing.

*Palsbots Inc. not just widely develops applications for robots, but also has an advantage in developing technologies such as speech synthesis/recognition, machine learning, etc.

Jul. 2018

Established KONOIKE IT Solutions CO., LTD. with Konoike Transport Co., Ltd.
Established Joint Venture Company with Konoike Transport Co., Ltd. for the purposes of (a) planning, designing, developing systems for KONOIKE Group, (b) improving SE’s skill of the group on advanced technology, and (c) introducing IT services to customers of the group.

*Konoike Transport Co. is a general logistics company initiated in 1880 as a private merchant. Strength in integrated solutions business that undertakes various operations on the premises of customers' factory as well as transport business.

Nov. 2017

Japan Job Posting Service, Inc.(JPOSTING) became NSD’s subsidiary.
As the mobility of job market is increasing, NSD enhances its business into career recruitment management field through this acquisition.

*JPOSTING is a pioneer of recruit management system provider, focusing on career recruitment.  They provide “Careesta” and “JobSuite”, systems which make recruitment work more efficient and effective.

*JPOSTING merged with NM Systems CO., LTD., an NSD’s subsidiary which provides ERP system for temporary staffs, changed the name to StellaS CO., LTD. (October 1, 2018)

Oct. 2017

Signed strategic alliance with Pro-Ship Inc.
Signed strategic alliance with Pro-Ship Inc. concerning
(a) joint research and development on new products and services utilizing advanced technologies, and (b) cooperation for exploiting overseas markets.

*Pro-Ship provides specialized business package system and various information processing services. Especially, it is famous for package system “ProPlus Series” which is mainly focus on fixed assets management, lease assets management and lease contract management.

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