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History of NSD

April 1969

Founded in Higashi-ku [currently: chuo-ku], Osaka with capital of 30 million JPY. Started software development, facilities management, and data entry businesses.

May 1981

Reorganization executed: Osaka / Tokyo dual headquarters structure adopted.

November 1988

Listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange, 2nd Section.

February 1991

Approved by MITI [currently: METI] as a Systems Integrator.

September 1998

Transferred to the Osaka Securities Exchange, 1st Section.

November 1999

Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, 1st Section.

May 2001

Invested in "FSK CO., LTD." [former: Fukushima Sougo Keisan Center Co., Ltd.] and acquired.

October 2002

Acquired privacy mark certification.

October 2006

Started hospitality program for shareholders.

December 2006

Unified headquarters in Tokyo Headquarter office.

August 2007

Founded "Shareholders Relation Service, Inc."(consulting of investor relations for individual shareholders).

March 2008

Founded "NRS CO., LTD."(real-estate business including estate leasing and facilities management).

October 2010

Changed Company name as "NSD CO., LTD." from "Nihon System Development CO., LTD."

January 2012

Took over the external sales business from TEPCO SYSTEMS CORPORATION.

May 2012

Founded "NSD International, Inc."(New York, U.S.A).

October 2012

Founded "Renbenxindong Technology Ltd."(Beijin, China).

April 2013

Founded "Business Innovation Co., Ltd."

July 2013

Founded "RX Technology Japan Ltd."

September 2013

Headquarter office moved in Chiyoda-ku.

February 2014

Founded "Chengdu Renbenxindong Technology Ltd."(Chengdu, China).

March 2015

Acquired "NMsystems CO., LTD." [former: MSYS Techno Support,Inc.]

August 2017

Founded NeU Corporation, a company which engages industrial application business, specialized in brain science, with Tohoku University, Hitachi High Technologies, etc.

September 2017

Signed the strategic alliance with Kyushu Railway Company and Marubeni Information System Co., Ltd, concerning system development.

October 2017

Signed Strategic Alliance Agreement with "Pro-Ship Incorporated." and became our affiliated company.

December 2017

Acquired "Japan Job Posting Service, Inc."

May 2018

Signed the strategic alliance with Rist Inc., an AI venture company, concerning joint research and development in advanced technology field.

July 2018

Founded " KONOIKE IT Solutions CO.,LTD " with Konoike Transport Co., Ltd.

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