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President Message

With our customers,
we provide IT solutions that are useful to society
as a part of efforts to become an indispensable partner for years to come.

Yoshikazu Imajo President & CEO

Photo:Yoshikazu Imajo President & CEO

For half a century since our foundation in 1969, we, at NSD, as one of the leading systems integrators in Japan, have consistently provided customers of wide-ranging business types and categories with system solution services including software development, software product supply as well as maintenance and management. Taking full advantage of our standing as an independent integrator, not only have we delivered optimal proposals, but have also continuously endeavored to contribute to society by supporting customers in their efforts to build fruitful results and enhancing our project management ability as well as the level of systems quality assurance management.

These efforts have resulted in our undertaking thousands of business transactions, which in turn underpin the long-lasting trust that we continue to foster with many customers.

However, the speed at which our surroundings change continues to accelerate at a dizzying pace. Under these circumstances, it is imperative that we take the initiative to pursue all appropriate reforms. Only in this manner, can we hope to address the diversified needs of our customers.

In an effort to ensure that this sense of crisis paves the way for future growth, we have thought over what DNA NSD must value and what challenges the Company must strive to address.

With renewed resolve, I am convinced that the IT infrastructures that support society are filled with the dreams and aspirations of a vast number of people including customers. At the same time, it is increasingly evident that excellent systems are imbued with the strong will of engineers eager to make these dreams and aspirations come true. Accordingly, I have come to recognize the importance of the Human-Valued Management. On the other hand, while further deepening our knowledge of broad business styles, categories and operations, I believe that it imperative for us to devise a new business model for the next generation and to consistently tackle new challenges.

Inheriting the traits of NSD's excellent DNA, we will provide IT solutions that are useful to people and society together with customers. We will also strive to be a business partner that lives up to the expectation and trust of customers through our own efforts to change.
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