President Message

Be a business partner needed forever,
by realizing IT solutions that help people and society.

Yoshikazu Imajo President & CEO

For half a century from the establishment in 1969 to the present, as a leading system integrator in Japan, we have provided IT solutions such as software development, IT infrastructure building, and software products to customers of various industries and business types. We have worked to contribute to society through supporting our customers' success in business, by making the best proposals for customers from the perspective of an independent integrator, and by demonstrating the quality control and project management skills we have acquired through practice.

As a result of these efforts, we have been dealing with thousands of companies and have long been trusted by many customers.

In recent years, with the rapid digitalization, the application scope of IT has greatly expanded, and customer needs for DX have rapidly diversified and advanced. We can not meet the needs of these customers unless we do our own reforms in anticipation of the future.

We have considered what DNA is important to us, what challenges we have to do in order that such a sense of crisis can be a source of our future success.

We have recognized that the IT solutions that support society reflects the dreams and wishes of many people including customers, and the excellent IT solutions are the result of engineers' strong desire to realize the dreams and wishes of many people. Accordingly, we come to "Management that treasures People". At the same time, while further deepening our knowledge in various industries, business types and operations, which are our strength, we believe that we have to think about the way of new business for the next generation, and have to challenge for this.

Inheriting the excellent DNA of NSD, we will continue to work as a "business partner" to realize IT solutions that are useful to people and society with our customers, and to meet customer expectations and trust through our own reforms.

Yoshikazu Imajo President & CEO