Solution Business

NSD develops and provide software products that can be used by various customers, utilizing our knowhow cultivated in Software Development Business.
NSD provides wide-range solutions from versatile products such as security measures and human resources management, to business-specialized products such as logistics and rental businesses.

Services offered

From a "Business Solution" perspective, we offer excellent domestic and overseas software as well as in-house developed products.

Drawing on its technological and development capabilities accumulated in the software and systems fields, NSD has developed a wide variety of its own products from all-purpose software to duty-specific products. In addition, we have endeavored to offer highly efficient cost performance solutions in collaboration with Japanese and foreign software companies.

Ranging from All-purpose Software to Duty-specific Products

NSD has independently developed software products and related tools that have been offered to customers from a "Business Solution" perspective based on the Company's technical development ability cultivated through the development of essential software and systems for customers. A wide range of solutions is available, from highly professional systems designed for particular duties in specific industries to all-purpose products such as the software used in security applications. We have always tried to offer customers the most suitable solution in cooperation with our R & D group, while also forming alliances with leading companies both in Japan and overseas.

Proposing Solutions Including Software Development

In addition to the versatile all-purpose software that has been utilized by many customers through our Web site as well as through various distribution media, we have worked diligently to propose total solutions including software development in order to enhance customer satisfaction. We have also succeeded in improving cost performance by proposing packages according to the specific problems that customers face in connection with system construction.