Software Development

NSD provides the IT systems support that is essential to its customers' development and growth. The Company is active across such wide-ranging fields as financing, manufacturing, telecommunications, distribution and the public sector.

Our strengths

Experience with more than 10,000 systems

We understand the businesses of our customers of various industries and business types and offer a variety of solutions based on the latest knowledge and our wealth of experience in solving management issues.

Independent system integrator

We create optimal IT environments by pursuing customer benefits from a neutral standpoint free from specific hardware or software.

Flexible response

With over 4,000 system engineers, we flexibly create teams specific to each project, from individual consulting to large-scale mission critical development.

Services offered (by business type)


We support all aspects of banking operations, focusing on accounting systems and including information and market systems. We also support systems unique to trust banks, including trust business and stock transfer agency business.

Whether it is insurance for corporations or individuals, we support a wide range of systems, from core systems to peripheral systems such as sales support, asset management, and personnel and payroll management.

We support a wide range of products, from mainstay offerings such as automobile insurance and fire insurance to products in new fields such as corporate insurance and disability insurance.

We support securities-related systems, including information systems, sales support systems, and market systems. We are particularly skilled in retail systems.

We support core systems such as credit card member management, credit screening, sales and billing management, franchisee management, as well as payment systems other than credit cards.


We support customers through systems that meet customers' diverse operations, from news organizations to amusement facilities, schools, and research institutions. We also respond to system development related to digital transformations such as cloud computing.

We support improvements in productivity and quality in production processes of various products, from electronics and automobiles to food and pharmaceuticals. We also support improvements in business efficiency by utilizing AI / IoT technology, mass data analysis, and more.

We support improvements in business efficiency and productivity through systems such as customer payments and sales support systems for convenience stores, department stores, and trading companies.

We support a series of core systems for housing manufacturers, from order receipt to inventory management, shipping, delivery, and payment billing, as well as smart home initiatives for general developers.

Social infrastructure

Our main customers are airlines, railway companies, and transportation companies. We provide a wide range of operational support, from customer-facing systems (such as reservation systems) to various back-end systems.

We support the development of core systems for major telecommunications carriers, from land line phones to cell phones and internet wiring. We also contribute to the diversification of services utilizing new technologies such as 5G technologies.

We support improvements in efficiency in various operations for the central government, administrative corporations, and local governments. We also support system modifications and the liberalization of legacy systems in accordance with legal system reforms.

We support all aspects of the operations of social infrastructure companies and organizations, with everything from rate management systems to systems for grid operations, construction, and more.