Job Satisfaction for Employees

Basic Approach

As a basic management policy, NSD recognizes that its employees are its greatest asset. The Group believes in the boundless potential of each and every employee, provides a healthy and comfortable working environment, and aims to be a Company where people can dream and take pride in their work.
NSD strives to create and maintain a comfortable working environment, creating a workplace where diverse human resources can play an active role with job satisfaction, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, educational background, race, ethnicity, nationality, ideology, beliefs, or physical, intellectual, or mental disability.

A Fair Personnel System that Rewards Contribution

NSD's personnel system is a foundation for employees to set goals for growth. Based on the understanding that the growth of each employee leads to better service for customers and that employee growth strengthens the growth and competitiveness of the Company, NSD operates a personnel system based on the following policies to encourage and support employee self-development.

  1. 1The system clarifies a model description of the type of worker the Company envisions so as to foster and develop human resources with the required skills.
  2. 2The remuneration system is based on the degree to which individuals achieve results, and how they demonstrate their abilities and duties for which they are responsible.
  3. 3The personnel evaluation criteria are clarified so as to lead to human resource development and skill improvement.
  4. 4The personnel system is aimed at bringing improved productivity.

NSD has also introduced performance-linked bonuses to reward employees' contributions, which are paid according to the individual's level of contribution.

Opportunities for Skill Development

NSD recognizes that its employees are an important and indispensable asset for supporting its business. As such, the Group positions the development of diverse human resources into true professionals as one of its most important management tasks.
In order to respond to changes in the business environment, such as with the ever-advancing cutting-edge technologies and rapid progress in digital transformation, NSD not only conducts a range of technical training programs so that employees can acquire the leading-edge technological skills, but also provides human skills training that encourages employees to be self-starters. In this way, NSD enhances both the technical and human capabilities of its workforce.

See Human Resources Development for more information.

A Comfortable Working Environment

NSD strives to create and maintain an environment in which every employee can fully demonstrate their abilities to work in a healthy and safe way. NSD also seeks to create a comfortable working environment that respects the diversity of each and every employee based on the principle of equal treatment and promotion regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, educational background, or physical, intellectual, or mental disability.

See Health and Productivity Management and Diversity & Inclusion for more information.

Other Initiatives

With the aim of ensuring that employees build their assets and lead a secure life after retirement, NSD has established a number of plans including a defined benefit corporate pension plan (DB), a defined contribution pension plan (DC), a group long-term disability insurance plan (GLTD), a lump-sum retirement allowance, a nest-egg savings plan (with incentives), and an employee stock ownership plan (with a 20% incentive per share).