Diversity & Inclusion

Basic Approach

As a basic management policy, NSD recognizes that its employees are its greatest asset. The Group believes in the boundless potential of each and every employee, provides a healthy and comfortable working environment, and aims to be a Company where people can dream and take pride in their work.
NSD strives to create and maintain a comfortable working environment, creating a workplace where diverse human resources can play an active role with job satisfaction, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, educational background, race, ethnicity, nationality, ideology, beliefs, or physical, intellectual, or mental disability.

Women's Advancement

Efforts to promote women's advancement in the workplace

In order to promote the active participation of women in the workplace, NSD has set a target of increasing the ratio of female employees to 23% or more by fiscal 2025, ending March 31, 2026, and to 10% or more for women in management positions by fiscal 2030. Our recruitment activities are based on the policy of ensuring that at least 50% of all new graduates hired each year are women, with our aim to increase the ratio of female talent, including in management positions, as core to the Company's human resources.
As part of our efforts in recruiting new graduates, we provide opportunities for female students to come and speak with female employees of different age groups and careers helping to give them an idea of what their career could be like after joining the Company. We have also set up a page on our website introducing some of our female engineers and managers in an effort to provide more information from a female perspective.

Female Ratios
employees (as of end of fiscal year)17.0%17.6%18.7%19.3%19.6%
In management positions (as of end of fiscal year)3.5%3.5%4.7%5.4%6.2%
New graduate hires (joined April 1)30.9%37.2%35.7%32.3%46.7%

Creating a Workplace Where Diverse Human Resources Can Thrive

Diversity in the workforce and equal opportunity initiatives

As well as enhancing some of our benefits programs, including the accrual leave system and return-to-work interviews, to support a balance between childcare, nursing care, medical treatment and employment, NSD is actively working to foster an internal culture that makes it easy to benefit from such systems with, for example, messages from senior management, educational booklets, and seminars on work-life balance. In particular, we hold a childcare support system seminar for male employees in an effort to have more than 50% (by fiscal 2025) of all male employees take childcare leave.
Furthermore, we respect the diversity of our employees and promote mutual understanding through D&I training, e-learning programs and educational booklets on LGBTQ issues.

D&I training

NSD carries out training on diversity and inclusion in an effort to create a workplace free from discrimination.
In fiscal 2022 we conducted D&I training for general managers on the topics of the Company's ESG materiality and the status of initiatives, providing information on D&I, and recognizing and addressing our own unconscious bias that affects organizational management.
We will continue to improve our training and measures with the aim of instilling a culture of acceptance and mutual respect for diversity within the Company.

Human Rights Initiatives

NSD supports international norms on human rights stipulated in the UN's International Bill of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization's ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. In compliance with laws and regulations, we respect the basic labor rights of workers to act collectively, bargain collectively, and the right to organize.
At any time in or outside of the workplace, we will not engage in any behavior or make any remark that violates human rights, and we will not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, age, educational background, race, ethnicity, nationality, ideology, beliefs, or physical, intellectual, or mental disability. In addition, we do not tolerate forced labor or child labor under any circumstances. In order to engage in procurement that takes human rights into consideration throughout the entire supply chain, we have established our Sustainability Procurement Guidelines which we encourage all our business partners to understand and implement.