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NSD-Related Questions

When was the Company established?▼

When was the Company stock first publicly listed?▼

Please provide a brief outline of the Company.▼

Please provide details of the companies that comprise the NSD Group.▼

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Stock-Related Questions

On which stock exchanges are the Company's shares listed? What is the Company's securities code?▼

Who is the Company's shareholder registry administrator?▼

Where do I go, and who do I contact for information regarding shareholder (stock) procedures and inquiries?▼

What is the Company's share trading unit?▼

Please provide information on the Company’s corporate actions such as capital increase, stock split and allotment of shares without contribution.▼

When is the Company's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders?▼

What should I do with the share certificates currently in my possession and what will happen to my rights as a shareholder?▼

My shares are registered in a special account. What action if any should I be taking? How do I go about selling shares managed under the special account?▼

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Dividend-Related Questions

I have lost my dividend warrant (mail transfer payment notice). What should I do?▼

The payment period of my dividend warrant (mail transfer payment notice) has expired. What should I do?▼

What is the cash dividend per share?▼

How will I receive my dividend?▼

What should I do to have dividends paid to a particular financial institution account? What should I do if I wish to have dividends paid to a different account?▼

What should I do if I wish to receive a certificate of dividend payment?▼

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Financial-, IR-Related Questions

What schedule of events does the Company have planned for the year?▼

When does the Company's fiscal year end?▼

When does the Company announce its earnings results?▼

How do I obtain copies of the Company's financial data?▼

I would like to learn more about the Company's most recent financial results. Where can I find this information?▼

Where and how should I direct inquiries for materials and other information?▼

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Shareholder Hospitality Program-Related Question

Does the Company offer a shareholder hospitality program?▼

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