Climate Change & Energy Management

Basic Approach

NSD recognizes that the conservation of the earth's environment is one of the issues for management. The Group has established an Environmental Policy in an effort to limit our impact on the environment, and will systematically and continuously work to reduce energy consumption derived from our business activities. To achieve this goal, we will contribute to a better, more prosperous global environment in collaboration with our customers and business partners across various industries.

Environmental Policy

To create a sustainable society, the NSD Group will, in accordance with the Group's Sustainability Declaration, systematically and continuously work to conserve the earth's environment, including tackling the problem of climate change, helping to build a better, more prosperous global environment in collaboration with customers and business partners across various industries.

  1. 1We will help conserve the global environment by reducing the impact our business activities, services, and products have on the environment.
  2. 2We will clarify and comply with all environmental laws, regulations, and agreements associated with our business activities, as well as the requirements of our customers and local communities.
  3. 3We will actively work to save resources and reduce waste by recycling to reduce the impact our offices have on the environment.
  4. 4We will establish an environmental management system and set environmental targets, reviewing them regularly to make continuous improvements. We will also deliver education and promote activities on environmental issues to raise awareness among each and every employee on the environment.

Tackling Climate Change

In order to address the increasingly serious issue of global climate change, NSD has positioned climate change and energy management as one of its material issues, and is working to reduce greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions by setting medium- to long-term targets in line with the framework of the Paris Agreement.

We conduct business with customers in a wide range of industries, and so we recognize the importance of predicting the impact that climate change, which brings more abnormal weather, storms and flood damage, will have on our business activities. Based on this understanding, we will analyze the risks and opportunities that climate change poses to our business and we will disclose all such information.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas (CO2) Emissions

Since NSD is mainly engaged in software development and does not have facilities, such as data centers, that use large amounts of energy, the Group's direct CO2 emissions are very small. As such, we are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by attempting to cut down on the amount of electricity and air conditioning we use in our offices.
To achieve these reductions, we have set and are working towards long-term targets of a 42% reduction by fiscal 2030, ending March 31, 2031, and net-zero emissions by fiscal 2044 (compared to fiscal 2020 levels).
Greenhouse gas emissions in fiscal 2023 were 2,025 t-CO2, a 15.7% reduction compared to fiscal 2020 (base year).

CO2 emissions reduction targets
CO2 emissions
  1. *1Scope: the Company and all its subsidiaries.
  2. *2Energy measured: Scope1 + 2
  3. *3CO2 emissions calculation formula: Electricity, gas, and gasoline consumption at each site x Emission factor at each site (Emission factors are based on those disclosed by the Ministry of the Environment)

Renewable Energy and LED Lighting

NSD has few in-house facilities with many of its offices rented in office buildings. Since it is difficult for us to introduce renewable energy and LED lighting by ourselves when implementing initiatives in our offices, we are making requests to the building management companies at each of our sites to switch to renewable energy CO2-free energy tariffs and to change to LED lighting.
We have already switched to renewable energy power at our head office and Osaka branch office and Nagoya branch office. LED lighting has also been introduced at several business sites, including our head office.