NSD Group Code of Conduct

  1. 1Observance of laws, rules and social norms

    As responsible members of society, we will comply with all laws and rules and act in accordance with social norms and ethics.

  2. 2Sound corporate management

    We will carry out fair and open business activities in accordance with high corporate ethics and aim for the lasting and sound development of the company.

  3. 3Conservation of environment and contribution to society

    We will strive to protect nature and the environment and will contribute to society through our business activities.

  4. 4Respect for human rights

    We will respect the individual and human rights and eliminate all human rights abuses.

  5. 5Opposing antisocial forces

    As good citizens, we will resolutely oppose antisocial forces that threaten social order and security.

  6. 6Fair transactions

    We will always carry out transactions from a fair and impartial standpoint.

  7. 7Proactive disclosure of corporate information

    We recognize the importance of communication with society as well as shareholders and will disclose information promptly and appropriately.

  8. 8Preservation of good working environment

    We will always strive to establish and maintain a safe and healthy working environment to achieve a comfortable workplace.

  9. 9Strict management and protection of assets and rights

    We recognize the importance of all assets and rights belonging to our company and third parties and will rigorously manage and protect them.

  10. 10Meticulous information management and confidentiality

    We will strictly manage all confidential information to prevent leakage to the outside, including personal information, customer information, and trade secrets.