Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy on Disclosure

NSD's information disclosure meets the requirements and the rules set by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and government's ordinances, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange concerning the timely disclosure of the company's information and its marketable securities which are listed, (called hereafter as "the Timely Disclosure Principle").
In addition NSD will also disclose information not required by the Timely Disclosure Principle in the event NSD finds it beneficial and helpful for a better understanding on the investors' part, which shall be a fair and timely disclosure.
NSD discloses information appropriately in compliance with Fair Disclosure Rule set by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

Quiet Period

In order to prevent the leak of material information and ensure fair disclosure of information regarding business results prior to quarterly earnings announcements, NSD, in principle, will observe a quiet period for IR activities from the next day after each closing date of quarterly earnings until their announcement. During this period NSD and its representatives will refrain from answering inquiries regarding the settlement of accounts.
NSD, however, will disclose information timely in the event the forecast is likely to deviate greatly from the previous release during the quiet period.
Besides, NSD will respond to inquiries even during the quiet period regarding the information already made public.

About the Forecast

Please note that disclosure information such as forecasts of financial results and future events are made based on current available data and information which might deviate from real time data & information as these might undergo changes with time.

Investment Decisions

The purpose of the website is to help improve your understanding of NSD.
It is not intended to solicit nor influence investors. For investors, please note that your investment decisions should be made solely by yourself.

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