Materiality Identification Process

In order to effectively promote SDGs/ESG initiatives set forth in the basic strategy of the current medium-term management plan, NSD identified materiality items in the following process. In identifying materiality, we carried out the process with the advice of outside experts, based on the two perspectives of "importance for stakeholders" and "importance for the Group."

Step 1: List issues facing the NSD Group

Issues and the voices of each stakeholder (shareholders, customers, employees, etc.) that each department or affiliated company should deal with are identified by means of questionnaires and interviews.

Step 2: Create materiality proposal

While receiving advice from a third party (external expert), each materiality item is prioritized and organized in the form of a map.

Step 3: Verify the validity of the materiality proposalThe Sustainability

Management Committee takes the lead in discussing the validity of content and priorities of each item of materiality.

Step 4: Identify materiality

Final decision after deliberation by the Board of Directors.

Materiality Map

NSD Group's Materiality

Environmental Initiatives

The NSD Group will focus on managing the energy generated from its business activities and addressing waste disposal. By doing so, we will strive to resolve the current issues facing the global environment due to climate change.
Please refer to the links below for the strategies and measures of each materiality related to environment.

Social Initiatives

The NSD Group believes that human resources are the most important assets for supporting our business operations and will support each employee to fully harness their abilities.
Furthermore, as an IT company, we will continue to contribute to the development of society utilizing IT including AI, while considering data privacy and security.

Please refer to the links below for the strategies and measures of each materiality related to society.


The NSD Group recognizes that both corporate governance and compliance are critical components of company management. We will continue to strive to maintain and strengthen relevant systems to further solidify the foundation for our existence.

Please refer to the links below for strategies and measures for each materiality related to governance.