Through four core services lines, NSD strives to address the management issues of its customers.
NSD provides comprehensive support to ensure the most suitable IT environment allowing customers to further boost their competitive standing and prowess.

NSD's Service Lines

IT Consulting

NSD utilizes its extensive knowledge of system development to quickly and carefully propose optimal IT consulting services to help our customers with a wide range of business issues.

Software Development Business

NSD provides the IT systems support that is essential to its customers' development and growth. The Company is active across such wide-ranging fields as financing, manufacturing, telecommunications, distribution and the public sector.

IT Infrastructure Business

As an independent IT company, NSD proposes and provides the most appropriate IT infrastructure to our customers regardless of manufacturer or model.
NSD comprehensively supports customers with system construction knowhow and high-quality operations cultivated through our long history.


NSD develops and provide software products that can be used by various customers, utilizing our knowhow cultivated in Software Development Business.
NSD provides wide-range solutions from versatile products such as security measures and human resources management, to business-specialized products such as logistics and rental businesses.

Addressing Customer Issues as an Underlying Strength

Capacity to Understand Customers

NSD has continued to develop systems and software which supports the “fundamental platforms” of customers of wide-ranging business types and categories as an independent system integrator for a half century since our founding. Our ability to truly comprehend the needs of customers are the source of our proposal capabilities and qualities of proposal.

Abundant Track Record and Expertise

To date, NSD has accumulated a wealth of experience and abundant track record through the development of more than 10,000 systems. Thanks largely to its proposal capabilities that draw on NSD’s knowledge and the active application of high-quality domestic and overseas technologies, we have attracted wide acclaim from many of Japan's leading companies.

Broad Service Lines as an Underlying Strength

4,000-Strong Engineer Workforce

Systems engineers account for over 90% of NSD’s workforce. From individual consulting of systems and operations to mission critical large-scale development involving project teams comprised of several hundred SEs, NSD continues to build a structure that is capable of swiftly and flexibly addressing the specific needs of each project and requirement.

Project Management Capability

NSD employs the latest techniques, tools and methodology encompassing such aspects as quality, process, security and systems development to ensure the success of each project. We are making every effort to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.