Sustainability Message

Sustainable management as a corporate group that offers a “future for people and IT.” Sustainable management as a corporate group that offers a “future for people and IT.”

Sustainable Management

In recent years, we have seen more and more urgent and pressing issues. These include climate change, a so-called global climate crisis, and the problem of a dwindling working population due to both aging and declining populations in developed countries. Amid such circumstances, non-financial initiatives, or environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, are attracting attention as a means for companies to contribute to a sustainable society, and as an important management strategy that supports corporate growth over the medium to long term.

The NSD Group's management philosophy is to contribute to the sound development of society by creating and providing solutions beneficial to people and society, while viewing coexistence and co-prosperity with employees, customers, and shareholders as the very essence of its corporate activities. Solving various social issues related to sustainability with the power of IT to help build a sustainable society is precisely the point of our management philosophy and is something we simply must do.

In light of this, the Group has formulated a Sustainability Declaration that outlines NSD’s willingness to aim for sustainable growth together with society, implementing sustainable management as a growth strategy.

Sustainability Declaration

Recognizing that the realization of a sustainable society is essential, we fulfill our social responsibilities by contributing to the sound development of society to create and provide new solutions beneficial to people and society, viewing coexistence and co-prosperity with employees, customers, and shareholders as our very essence of our corporate activities. We simultaneously strive for our sustainable growth by promoting ESG initiatives.

Sustainability Initiatives

To effectively help build a sustainable society, it is important to take on initiatives from a wide range of ESG-related issues based on the strengths of the NSD Group and industry characteristics. We have therefore, along with our Sustainability Declaration, identified material issues for the NSD Group.

First of all, from the perspective that as an IT company, we should help solve not only our own sustainability issues but also those of our customers, we have set social innovation using IT as a material issue. We will contribute to a sustainable society by leveraging the NSD Group's advanced technologies and expertise in the field of digital transformation (DX) to create and provide solutions for a variety of social issues, including the environmental problem our customers face.

In response to the issues faced by the NSD Group, in terms of the environment, we will work to manage energy consumption and dispose of waste generated through our business activities to help solve issues related to climate change and environment conservation. Since we do not have facilities, such as data centers, that consume a large amount of energy, we will focus on reducing the power we use in the office.
On the social front, based on the understanding that human resources are the most important asset for our business, we will promote health and productivity management, strengthen human resource development, improve employee job satisfaction, and ensure fair labor practices with our business partners. And, as an IT company working in an age of DX, we will steadfastly work on information security to earn the trust of our customers and society.
In terms of governance, we recognize that effective corporate governance and compliance are the essential foundations for corporate management. As well as firmly implementing these frameworks for a sound and highly transparent management, we will strive to foster a thorough awareness around compliance to solidify our management foundation for sustained growth.

As a company that offers a “future for people and IT” through its sustainability initiatives, the NSD Group will create the value needed to solve social issues, aiming for sustained growth together with society toward a better future.
The NSD Group and I very much look forward to your continued support.