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IT Infrastructure

As an independent system integrator, NSD offers the most suitable IT infrastructures including clouds to customers by flexible and creative proposals.

NSD provides the IT system support that is essential to its customers' development and growth. The Company is active across such wide-ranging fields as financing, manufacturing, telecommunications, distribution and the public sector.

Planning and Supply Most Suitable for Customers

We consider the customer's issues and problems with the customer and propose the best IT infrastructure configuration based on new ideas, taking into account the characteristics of the industry and the business type of the customer. We have proposed a wide range of solutions from public to private, and we are planning and consulting on security measures against increasing cyber attacks in the cloud platform that has become a powerful option.

Design and Building as a "Professional"

We have design and building skills for a wide range of products and services such as servers, storage, network devices, latest OS and middleware of various manufacturers, focusing on cloud technology. While ensuring quality, we solve cost and resource concerns, and build an IT infrastructure for the foundation of customer’s business, with an efficient configuration.

Operation Entrusted Forever Because of "High Quality"

We have supported customer's system operation for half a century since our establishment. In the advances of IT systems with the times, we are proposing to our customers the operation improvement measures from the viewpoint of efficiency and standardization responding to new technologies. We provide customer operations and system supports 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we respond to customer outsourcing needs such as outsourcing of data center operations, help desks and other customer supports.

Main Our Services

NSD provides a one-stop service in tune with customers’ system lifecycles from planning to operations and maintenances.

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