Targets and Results

Environment, Society

  • Targets and results are non-consolidated figures for NSD, except for CO2 emissions.

Indicators Results Targets
FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
E CO2 emissions(Note 1) Annual 1,273 t-CO2
1,026 t-CO2
(19% reduction)
915 t-CO2
(28% reduction)
FY2030: 827 t-CO2 (35% reduction from FY2020)
FY2050: 356 t-CO2 (72% reduction from FY2020)
Number of printing paper used Annual 900,000 sheets
860,000 sheets
(5% reduction)
760,000 sheets
(15% reduction)
FY2030: 630,000 sheets (30% reduction from FY2020)
S Overtime hours Monthly/ person 17.0h 19.0h 18.5h Keep less than 20.0h
Acquisition rate of paid leave Annual 59.9% 63.3% 70.1% More than 75%
Female employee ratio As of March, 31 18.7% 19.3% 19.6% FY2025: more than 23%
Female manager ratio As of March, 31 4.7% 5.4% 6.2% FY2030: more than 10%
Acquisition rate of childcare leave for male employee(Note 2) Annual 17.3% 26.2% 30.9% FY2025: more than 50%
Number of employees with information technology related qualifications(Note 3) As of March, 31 4,353 4,527 4,629 Disclose results
Number of employees attending technical training Annual 825 904 1,027 Disclose results
Ratio of employees with high stress(Note 4) Annual 12.2% 12.4% 11.5% Disclose results
Number of employees using health point system(Note 5) As of March, 31 1,328 1,395 1,593 Disclose results
  • (Note 1)

    The scope is the head office, branch offices and domestic subsidiaries.

  • (Note 2)

    To match with the ISO14001 target, the indicator was changed from the number of papers purchased to the number of papers used. (As of May 9, 2023)

  • (Note 3)

    The ratio of male employee who acquired childcare leave among male employees who had children in the fiscal year.

  • (Note 4)

    Employees with multiple qualifications are counted as one person per each qualification. The breakdown of employees with qualifications related to information technologies is as below.

Qualifications FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Japan Information Technology Engineers Examination(※1) 2,528 2,523 2,503
Vendor certification 1,167 1,254 1,351
(Breakdown of Qualifications) Oracle certification 559 577 597
Microsoft certification 295 304 332
AWS certification 121 186 184
Other certifications
(RPA related)
192 187 238
PMP(Project Management Professional)(※2) 304 316 289
Other group qualifications
(AI and Python related etc)
354 434 486
  • ※1

    A national qualification administrated by IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan), which offers qualifications in multiple fields such as comprehensive IT knowledge and qualifications specialized in security, networks, and databases.

  • ※2

    An international qualification administrated by PMI (Project Management Institute), certifying to those who possess a certain level of experience, education, and knowledge related to project management.

  • (Note 5)

    Employees with high stress are those who have subjective symptoms, are suffered stress mainly from work, are not expected to have supports by colleagues as a result of the stress check based on the guideline by Ministory of Health, Labour and Welfare.

  • (Note 6)

    The health point system aims to improve the health literacy of our employees. Emproyees get points, which can be exchanged for such as health-related goods by registering vital data in the health app and participating in health promotion events.

  • (Note 7)

    Taking into account the results of fiscal year 2022, the target was reviced upword. (As of May 9, 2022)


Indicators Results and Statuses
G Diversity of board members
  • In order to ensure the diversity of the Board, members are appointed based on management experience at other companies, legal and finacial knowledge and experience, and international experience.

  • Members include one female director and one female auditor
    ~ The Board of Directors consists of 10 members: 8 male and 2 female ~

Appointment of independent officer
  • Directors:three independent outsiders (seven in total)

  • Audit & Supervisory Board Members: two independent outsiders (three in total)

Checks and advices by Governance Committee
  • The Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding matters such as the appointment and dismissal of directors and audit & supervisory board members, the compensation system for directors. In addition, it determines matters delegated by the Board of Directors.

  • The Committee is comprised of the President & CEO as a chairperson and three independent outside directors.

Compensation system for Directors
  • Compensation is paid under a system that emphasizes performance linkage. Specifically, compensation consists of three categories: basic compensation (fixed compensation), bonus (short-term incentive compensation), and stock compensation remuneration (medium- to long-term incentive compensation), with a composition ratio of 7:2:1.

Completion of compliance training
  • All employee have completed every training since fiscal 2007.